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Conventional development processes for new solutions require organisations to put forth capital expenditure into hardware, licenses and implementation services to build the solution — often taking months and years to complete. In addition, there must also be a corresponding capability to maintain, enhance and operate it on a day-to-day basis. This approach has serious drawbacks in a digital age when organisations need faster time-to-value solutions. These solutions must be able to keep up with rapidly improving emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) and chatbots, as well as have the ability to “pay as you use” or “pay for outcomes.”

For this reason, SmarTek21 developed the Digital Business Platform, a series of frameworks that support a more streamlined approach to data preparation, data management, data analysis, and more advanced analytics in a user-friendly graphical interface. Accordingly, this increases the chances that analytics projects will reach production and deliver tangible value.

While the Digital Platform offers impressive quantitative value, its greatest value is in making available a wide range of technologies that can help your organisation compete and thrive in a data-driven business environment.

Flexible and innovative, SmarTek21’s Digital Business Platform is the foundational set of tools and frameworks that underpin all our services and solutions. It accelerates our ability to develop, deploy, scale, and manage intelligent data systems that help your business thrive in a digital business world.

40 %

Time To Value

30 %

Project Risk

25 %

Project Cost

While the Digital Platform offers impressive quantitative value, its greatest value is in making available a wide range of technologies that can help your organisation compete and thrive in a data-driven business environment.

Quickly translate data into meaningful business insights to better compete

Analytics projects must produce quick wins. Relying on manual coding and/or open-source tools to produce insights extends the time to realizing value. Getting the right data into a usable format and location is the critical first step.

When companies utilize the Digital Business Platform, they can quickly transform data into useful insights at an average of half the cost of manual methods. The pre-built modules accelerate development, automate migration, tag metadata, and provide for much faster discovery and visualization of data.

Our platform is technology and vendor agnostic, operating seamlessly in conjunction with various cloud software offerings, such as Cloudera and Hadoop, and with cloud providers including AWS and Microsoft Azure. This ensures maximum return on any past data management investment. That accelerates the entire analytics project — speeding time to value by empowering all users to interact with data from a single, easy-to-use interface. It also promotes improved governance by protecting sensitive data and maintaining audit logs.

Activate a culture of collaborative analytics — and remove the obstacles that cost time and money

People need data to develop insights and people need insights to determine actions. Why should theyhave to navigate silos, manage multiple tools, and duplicate data acquisition efforts?

The Digital Business Platform removes these barriers and allows clients to achieve a culture of collaborative analytics, promoting a simpler and faster use of data across organisational lines. Using built-in connectors, our platform allows users to quickly incorporate data from more than 400 external sources, utilize the external data for immediate analysis, and share valuable data models across siloes for easy searching and use. Role-based permissions and controls drive ethical governance and protection of private information while enabling increased collaboration across your enterprise.

Make AI mainstream within your organisation

The path to realizing advanced AI is often bumpy, with an organisation’s progress hampered by convoluted steps and complex tools. These factors inhibit projects and impede realizing meaningful value from the full power of AI . Our Digital Business Platform helps mainstream AI in your organisation. Any user — whether a data novice or an expert, a business or IT user — can use a self-service, drag-and-drop interface to rapidly build, train, and experiment with AI models or use one of our 100+ pre-built models to develop custom insights/reports. The Digital Business Platform utilizes a standardized model development process, giving organisations better visibility into and oversight of all activities from one location, promoting improved governance while also enabling experimentation.

Extend the life of your legacy systems

For most organisations, older or legacy applications are still the “center of gravity” within the application portfolio, and contain much of the data and functions that digital business initiatives require. Far too many modernisation efforts rely on large-scale rip-and-replace efforts despite the high costs, risk, and disruption they entail. The Digital Business Platform allows even closed systems to interact with more modern applications, enabling you to extend the value of your legacy investments even as you build and deploy new capabilities. This enables continuous application modernisation, allowing a gradual approach that focuses on providing digital business support and value in a timely manner.

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