Industry Solutions

Combining technical expertise with in-depth
industry knowledge to create highly
impactful solutions.

Industry-specific solutions that combine technical expertise with extensive knowledge about industry trends and requirements, whether technical, procedural, or regulatory.

Industry solutions, however, address needs that are specific to one or more industry segments.  For example, cloud computing services for brokerage firms might offer a solution that accelerates global expansion initiatives by reducing the time, cost and complexities of establishing trading infrastructures in foreign countries.  To a brokerage firm, the benefit of this solution is a no-brainer because it offers significant value over a generic offering in a way that’s highly strategic to organizations in this market segment.

SmarTek21 has designed and deployed numerous operational systems in a wide variety of industries, including:

Telecom & Mobile

Helping telecoms leverage RCS for improved customer support services and IoT as the basis for new revenue streams from IOT services
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Enable retailers to create more compelling digital discovery of their products and a 10X higher conversion rate opportunity.
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Rising costs and poor quality of service are the major driving forces behind poor patient engagement. We can help you develop round-the-clock solutions offering patient access to all kinds of health support
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Making it easier for customers to do business with insurance companies through virtual insurance agents and other personalized, “always on” services
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Banking & Finance

Building innovative, customer-driven products can help financial institutions grow their wallet share and customer satisfaction while reducing risks
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Among the most compelling reasons to consider a vertical, rather than horizontal, solutions to your business challenges are:a

Competition / Commoditization

If the market is saturated with competitors in your product or service category, it’s difficult for your target customers to understand the differences at a level that matters to them.  It doesn’t matter that you attack the same problems from a different angle than your competition if the net benefit to the customer is anything less than a big WOW.

Technology Shift

Mobile devices are wreaking havoc on manufacturers of specialty handheld devices in much the same way that PCs did to mini computers.  If your situation is analogous to the mobile paradigm shift, you probably need to buy some time.

Focus on solving high-impact problems for specific markets that recognize and need your expertise most.  Adding incremental features and improving cross-product integration to solve bigger problems in key market segments can buy the necessary time required to make the technology transition without sacrificing growth or profitability. Leverage that vertical market expertise as part of the technology transition to ensure high-value differentiation in a product category that may already be a commodity by the time your new offerings land in the market.


Sustainable growth is more easily achieved by leveraging the value of multiple products to solve exponentially bigger problems.  Eliminate the management and marketing of products in silos and adopt a big picture view of key vertical markets to understand what’s driving their top-down agendas.  Align the investments in your portfolio accordingly so you’re constantly solving the biggest and most complex problems that fall within the realm of your core competencies.

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