Hybrid & Cloud Modernisation & Migration

Ensuring your organisation’s data foundation is robust and secure.

Research shows that nearly two-thirds of companies have not achieved the benefits they expected out of cloud initiatives. Our singular focus is helping clients design intelligent cloud solutions – whether public, private or hybrid – that maximize business value and drive innovation.

With deep industry understanding and more than 14 years of cloud projects under our belt, we can expertly navigate the many paths to realising the value of cloud. Let us be your guide.

The path to digital transformation is fraught with challenges deciding which legacy applications to migrate to modern platforms and which to modernize to enhance reliability, service ability and functionality. According to Gartner, “legacy applications contain valuable core functions and data that are essential for your digital business initiatives.” At SmarTek21, we recognize the need to leverage the valuable existing assets while migrating, modernizing and transforming your portfolio.

SmarTek21 helps your enterprise manage your portfolio as an asset, removing impediments and executing continuous business-driven modernisation to get optimum value from your legacy and future investments. Success requires an iterative approach of continuous application migration, modernisation and transformation.

Leading your cloud journey

SmarTek21 Technology provides a managed suite of agile services to guide your organisation on this journey. SmarTek21 Migration, Modernization and Transformation Services combine global digital delivery and best-in-class technologies to thoroughly analyse options, ensure a successful migration, modernisation and, if needed, management of your environment. You can reduce your total cost of ownership by rationalizing and modernizing your applications portfolio and infrastructure to exploit new service capabilities and operating models while leveraging the core business intellectual property (IP) contained in legacy applications and data.

SmarTek21’s services shorten the time, lower costs and reduce the risk when migrating to public clouds or between clouds, data centers or virtual platforms. We provide a flexible end-to-end agile framework for planning and executing successful migrations and modernisations of applications to accelerate your business outcomes.

Learn more about how SmarTek21 can help you accelerate time-to-value and reduce risks of moving to the cloud.

Ensuring business results

SmarTek21 Migration, Modernisation and Transformation Services will help you utilise the best mix of cloud and traditional infrastructure to run your business applications. Our experts will determine application requirements, migrate and modernise applications without disruption, furnish a secure, stable infrastructure, and provide a smooth transition to new service models.

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