Transform your data into a powerful strategic asset

We work with industry leaders to leverage our powerful AI and automation capabilities. We deeply understand that organisations need new, unique ways to deliver efficiencies, manage information, build effectiveness, and create extraordinary experiences for all stakeholders within the business ecosystem.

AI SmartBot Intelligence For

  • Patient Admissions and Registrations

  • Appointment Scheduling and Management

  • Inventory Management & Product Availability Checker

  • Access & Transfer Services


  • Patient Management and Tracking

  • Geofencing, Navigation and Service Requests

  • One Platform to Design, Deploy and Manage

  • Care Management

At AI in APAC, our innovative AI platform combines the best of Enterprise Cloud Connect for data integration and SmartBotHub for omnichannel conversational user engagement – then layers on digitised workstreams specifically designed to solve unique industry challenges. Capitalising on your existing back-office systems, our AI optimises and streamlines hi-directional data integration to increase efficiency, reduce human error, and maximise the investments you’ve already made.

^ 40%

Increase In Employee Productivity

^ 24%

Increase In Digital Engagement

^ 37%

Improvement In Customer Satisfaction

v 43%

Reduction In Customer Support Costs

AI in APAC exists to solve your complex business challenges through the power of AI and human expertise.

Transforming your data into a strategic asset

Unearth, transform, analyse, engage with, and even monetise data through AI and intelligent data and metadata management with AI in APAC

Augment your user interaction with AI

AI in APAC’s flagship conversational Artificial Intelligence and data management solutions help transform the relationship between an organisation and its data so that users — both internal and external — can more naturally interact with applications, services, and brands through text and even voice with greater context, richness, and personalisation. In doing so, AI in APAC helps its Australian clients to compete and thrive in a data-driven world.

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