AI in Healthcare

Key Strategic Initiatives for every
healthcare service provider.

Premium Healthcare providers are constantly on the search for ways to improve clinical care for their patients.

Rising costs and poor quality of healthcare service are the major driving forces behind poor patient engagement and outcomes. AI in Healthcare Bots can be available round-the-clock to offer patients access to all kinds of health support.

Ways to assist with quality patient care, positive decision-making and optimum outcomes, can now be aided with the inclusion of Healthcare AI Agents. AI in APAC can assist in leveraging your data into a competitive asset that can subsequently provide useful insights into all these areas to support better patient healthcare.

Brings Together Currently
Disparate & Fragmented
Healthcare Data

One Click Easy-To-Use
& Easy-To-Access
AI in Healthcare Services

Reduced Burden on
Overloaded Healthcare Workers,
with AI in Healthcare Available 24/7

Business Drivers

  • A younger and more technology-savvy healthcare consumer is expecting “one click” easy-to-use and easy-to-access health services that are available 24/7 and understands them & their healthcare needs.
  • Data fragmentation is highly prevalent in the healthcare system with patient information often spread across many disparate applications or systems. Having a centralised system and common view of this health information is critical, particularly when trying to address a patient in a customer service experience in the healthcare industry.
  • An ongoing and unending lack of availability of time from medical staff means patients cannot access the healthcare they deserve. Healthcare practitioners have limited time for any given patient, where patients are pushing down the door with more question, demanding healthcare information and advice Responses in the healthcare industry are completely reliant on the availability of a practitioner

AI in Healthcare Solutions

AI in Healthcare Bots created on SmartBotHub™ can provide easy to use critical healthcare information to consumers, such as information about medical conditions, the best response to medical issues, or even triage the patients’ health symptoms. Finding the best or closest doctor is a quick and easy dialogue with a bot. SmartBotHub™ Healthcare AI has the ability through its API management back-end features to connect to disparate applications and databases of the enterprise. It will bring together in one AI Healthcare bot conversation, the correct data, advice or information about the consumer or about their questions, solving the healthcare issues of the currently available disparate and fragmented healthcare data systems.

Correct utilisation of these highly-powerful AI Healthcare bots can result in less pressure on the currently overloaded medical team, relieving them of the smaller, more easily resolved healthcare issues, that seem to take up a large portion of time. By freeing up this time, the healthcare team can concentrate on the more complex medical issues that require the most focus and problem-solving from a human, whilst still ensuring that the demographic requiring less-urgent but still essential medical attention, receive this in a timely manner.

AI in APAC’s Healthcare bots can help achieve all these goals.

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