Banking & Finance

Key Strategic Banking & Finance Artificial Intelligence Initiatives
for Every Banking Provider.

Typically, banks data on a customer’s interactions is fragmented across departments. The mortgage sector doesn’t necessarily know that a customer consistently pays their credit card bills on time, for instance. SmartBotHub™ enables a finance enterprise to leverage data across these fragmented sources when interacting with a customer. With the full breadth of a customer’s financial life open to the AI banking bot, it is possible for a financial institution to attain the long-sought bird’s-eye view of the customer’s behaviours and act on it appropriately and in a timely manner. All made possible by the now widely sought after Artificial Intelligence in Banking & Finance sectors.

“Anytime, Any Place”
Access to Balance

Virtual Banking That Maintains Customer Preferences

Bring Together Fragmented Information Across Departments

Business Drivers

Customers now have these top 5 wants from their banks:

  • To be rewarded for their business
  • Give “anytime, anyplace” access to their bank balances
  • See them as a person – know & remember their preferences
  • Provide them with wealth-building advice
  • Show them what they’re spending, on what and how to save

AI Banking & Finance Solutions

SmartBotHub™ Banking & Finance Artificial Intelligence has the enterprise-grade features that a bank would expect to provide a compelling user experience for looking up account balances, provide financial advice or information and tips for success. The bot becomes a practical “virtual banker” always available 24×7 to provide needed information and answers. SmartBotHub™ Banking & Finance AI provides a rich customer insight engine that maintains customer preferences and insights into what each unique customer needs or is doing through the banking chatbot so the financial enterprise can have better knowledge to serve its customers.

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