AI IT Service & AI Customer Support Help Desk

Key strategic initiatives for every
IT Service & Customer Support service provider.

Creating Exceptional AI Customer Service & AI IT Help Desk Experiences

By removing the direct, manual human overhead associated with large-volume, low-value customer service help desk activities, your staff are free to focus their time and energy on more difficult, higher-value queries. In this way, Artificial Intelligence Service Desks are managed more efficiently and in a timely manner, resulting in more positive AI Customer Service Help Desk experiences and outcomes for your valued customers, subsequently enhancing your entire customer service help desk ecosystem.

Automatic Employee Authentication
Ensures Security & Privacy
At All Times

AI Virtual Agent Integration to
Multi-IM, Text & Web Channels

Knowledge-based Template
Pre-loaded & Updated As Needed

Business Drivers

The SmartBotHub™ AI IT Customer Support Help Desk Solution offers a robust and instantaneous virtual support agent conversational experience that achieves first call resolution in most cases or provides a seamless hand-off to the live service desk should this be required.

Customer Service AI Agents can assist with some of the more basic queries:

  • Employees need IT issues resolved quickly to maintain high-levels of productivity
  • IT Help Desk employees are struggling with the sheer volume of support calls and achieving first call resolution goals
  • Trouble tickets are being misclassified by customer service help desks which result in increased down-stream time to sort through the real ticket issues

The SmartBotHub™ AI Customer Help Desk Solution will help to address these issues and more, thus resulting in more efficient and effective Customer Service for your clients and allowing your staff to focus on the high-return queries.

AI IT Service Desk Solutions

A SmartBotHub™ AI Customer Support Help Desk can provide:

  • A knowledge-based template that can be pre-loaded with common trouble resolution items and continuously updated as needed
  • AI Virtual agent integration to multi-IM, text and web channels as needed to reach all your employees or clients
  • Automatic employee authentication, ensuring security and privacy at all times.
  • Trouble ticket system integration to enable tickets to be created and categorised correctly by Smart Help and filed in the ticket system. The employee or client gets their ticket number immediately and is automatically notified once a resolution is reached.

AI in APAC’s AI Virtual Help Desk Agents, assist your clients and staff by providing a human-like customer service experience. It has the ability to understand, interpret, problem-solve and respond in a personal and informative manner, thus allowing any resources for live interaction to be utilised for more trouble tickets.

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