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In today’s increasing digitised business world, data is sometimes called the “new oil” because of its strategic and financial value. But data, unlike oil, becomes more valuable as it is used and reused. Continued processing and merging of data with other data can reveal further applications and benefits. And of course, data, unlike oil, is not a finite resource.

And yet the data in most organisations is often underutilised because too few people, if any, know exactly what data is out there or how to find it. Even if you can find data, it is too often siloed away from the rest of the organisation, making it difficult to impossible to access or consolidate. Data may be stored on dozens of systems build by as many vendors, creating huge and continuous integration challenges. And concerns about managing data security, privacy, and governance can seem almost overwhelming.

It was for these reasons that SmarTek21 created Enterprise Cloud Connect™. With it, customers can gain control over this most valuable or corporate resources simply and efficiently.

Unify Your Data

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices can empower your enterprise and increase employee productivity. Employees are able to access critical business information from SAP and other line of businesses (LOBs), in real time from any device, anywhere in the world. Apps can be deployed in days. No upgrade is required of your current business application.

Enhance your Portal

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ was designed to provide solution which blend processes and data with collaborative capabilities of SharePoint 2010, 2013 and Office 365. Employee can easily interact with data and processes from multiple LOBs directly from Microsoft applications. Enterprise Cloud Connect™ with K2 can help you build custom business applications including forms, workflow, data and reports.

Easy to Deploy Solution

Enterprise Cloud Connect™ is easy to implement and deploy. We leverage Microsoft SharePoint and integration standards from leading LOBs vendors, allowing us to extend your existing ERP without the need for extensive customization.

A Platform for Data Management and Integration

Combining the data gathered from different sources to get a unified view is called data integration. Data integration can help companies better understand the different factors that affect their growth. For example, integrating the data from your sales and product cycles can help you understand how the production has affected sales and vice versa.

Data from different resources tend to be in different formats. Integration requires compatibility. This is where data integration platforms come into play. These platforms make the data from various sources compatible and eventually integrate them together. Among ECC’s key features are:


Flexible Deployments
Cloud and data integration for cloud/multi-cloud, on-premise, hybrid, and/or edge computing, as well as datalakes, data warehouses, and data marts
API Management
Create and manage APIs integrating both modern and legacy systems
Ability to turn older legacy systems into microservices
Codeless Integration
No code needed to create APIs or to transfer data between architectural components
Simplified Integration
Robust RESTful APIs and modular architecture enable seamless use of preexisting systems, as well as out-of-the-box support for all major database systems
Dataflow Management
Powerful yet easy to use tools to help manage dataflow and integration between modules
Big Data Integration
Support for structured, unstructured, and streaming data in Big Data volumes
Powerful Analytics
Tools for systems monitoring and analysis, as well as the ability to integrate with third-part analytic systems.
IoT Support
Full support for IoT technologies and devices, ranging from edge computing to data flows

Simplifying Data Migration

Mass migrations, also known as lift and shift, are becoming a very common approach to cloud migration, or moving to the cloud. Today, clients are modernising their workloads with a lift and evolve approach to leverage cloud-native services and to reach the true benefits of the cloud.  Sometimes this is driven by lapsing or renewal dates on contracts, data center capacity constraints, or an enterprises appetite to aggressively gain the benefits of moving to the cloud. Mass cloud migrations help clients understand what workloads are easily ported, when workloads require updates or refactoring, and how to modify their process, train their employees and leverage these new technologies for a scalable and repeatable solution.

The ECC platform enables rapid, trouble free migration, enabling you to more quickly take advantage of newer systems or architctures.

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