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Business Drivers

As enterprises move ahead with their strategic efforts at digital transformation, they also find that their approach to security must also transform. The new technologies of today’s dynamic digital world, such as cloud computing, IOT, and the interconnected supply chain, bring a raft of new challenges. Securing huge amounts of proprietary information and other critical business assets becomes exponentially more difficult, and meeting regulatory requirements more complex. Our three broad categories of security services help organisations drive productivity, business growth, and cost-optimization while establishing effective controls around sensitive assets.

Security Solutions

Compliance in the Age of Big Data and AI

SmarTek21’s compliance services not only identify data locations and types in the purview of GDPR, but also validates accuracy and generates a confidence/reliability score based on which stakeholders can take appropriate action.

This function enables data controllers to establish a repeatable action that can quickly scan large amounts of personal data throughout the data lifecycle. This is important, because GDPR compliance is an ongoing commitment, not a “once-in-a-year” task.

The solution is designed around three key processes in the data supply chain—capture, curate and consume—and it does all the heavy lifting, from identifying how the data enters the enterprise system from structured and unstructured sources to which enterprise systems and processes use it, and for what purpose.

GDPR compliance is ultimately about protecting personal data and individual rights and freedoms. Organizations that see compliance as an opportunity to align their priorities to the principles of data ethics embedded in GDPR are poised to build a more secure and trustworthy foundation for sustained growth.

Data veracity

Avoid pitfalls of inaccurate data by assessing for quality, risk, and relevance—producing a veracity score to quantify trust within enterprise data.

Next-gen master data management (MDM)

Maximise value from your data with our multi-domain MDM, MDM for big data and MDM on cloud offerings.

Intelligent data governance

Optimise, protect, and leverage data as a corporate asset across the data lifecycle.

Data catalog

Make your data more searchable and accessible—to use it to make business decisions and derive maximum value from it.

Machine-led compliance

Complying with international regulations is the basis of ethical operations. Automate the compliance process with our machine-led compliance offering.

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