Digital Transformation By
Business Function

Transforming the core operations of every enterprise.

As the barriers to digital transformation fall away and organizations start to create foundations and game plans for becoming digital enterprises, various business functions – and the professionals who work in them – will be digitally transformed as well. As this transformation progresses, the internal applications and implications will be far more extensive and significant, and virtually all functions and jobs will have a digital dimension to them. Below are just some of the functions that all organizations should expect to be materially impacted.

Human Resources

  • Make annual benefits changes and enrollment more intuitive and easy to manage via bot-guided services
  • Provide employees — new and old — with access to the information they need via efficient bots
  • Help smooth onboarding

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Sales Compensation

  • Engage and solicit applications/quotations that become sales-qualified leads.
  • Up-sell recommendations produced by virtual sales agents
  • Create easier sales pipelines updating processes for direct sales teams
  • Improved sales compensation management

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Workforce & IT

  • Create virtual IT help desk agents that provide quick response to employees
  • Provide mobile transaction experiences your business demands without the heavy cost of mobile apps
  • Provide quick, easy, conversational interfaces to your business applications and services

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Operations & Support

  • Provide compelling self-care options via bots that reduce calls to call centers
  • Provide the “always on” experience customers demand
  • Make your service agents more efficient through bot tool use
  • Provide employees ways access to the information they need via efficient bots

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  • Provide security engineers easy access to metrics and analyses
  • Provide engineers easy access to configuration scripts, runbooks, etc.

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As business functions are digitally transformed and new technologies become more fully integrated into everyone’s jobs, it is increasingly important for all workers to have high degrees of digital literacy. This, too, will be one of the hallmarks of digital transformation.

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