Who Have You Really Been Talking To?

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“20% of customer service interactions will be handled by Conversational AI agents by 2022” – Gartner.

Our interactions online are changing, so much so, that very soon you will have more conversations with Conversational Artificial Intelligence products than you will with work colleagues, friends, or family members. AI in APAC was created to help deliver this smarter future.

It is with great excitement that we announce AI In APAC has partnered with SmarTek21. Based in Seattle USA, SmarTek21 is one of the world’s leading creators of Artificial Intelligence and Data Integration solutions for companies such as Amazon, TMobile, Expedia, and Samsung. With 15 years of experience in creating AI solutions and products that enable digital transformation, our partnering agreement allows AI in APAC to bring this expertise to Australia, New Zealand, and the entire APAC market, delivered from our Perth headquarters.

This world class Conversational AI platform is recognised by Gartner, and has been deployed for use by millions of users within Fortune 500 companies.

SmarTek21’s Conversational AI capabilities are showcased in our published case studies focusing on industries such as; Insurance, Telco, Banking, Travel, Healthcare and Retail enabling cost reduction of 60-70% in Contact Centres, IT Service Desks, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Document Management, Sales and Marketing amongst others.

SmartTek21 was Founded in 2006 by technology and business experts who realised that the business world was becoming increasingly data driven. SmarTek21 understood that to thrive in this environment, organisations must transform and embrace the idea of employing data as a strategic asset that drives business strategy. This approach dramatically improves the ability to engage with both their internal teams and customers with the use of Conversational AI solutions.

Specifically, the key to such digital transformations is to integrate technologies from several disciplines into holistic solutions that offer:

    1. Product architecting and development
    2. Digital transformation, data strategy, and management
    3. Cloud enablement and migration
    4. Advanced user engagement systems powered by advanced analytics, Conversational AI, and machine learning

Asset-based managed services are a way to bring codified collective knowledge of your firm to your clients in a rapid deployment fashion and sustained through continuous services.