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In today’s age of digital transformation, forward-thinking companies recognize that the critical role of building a modern workplace requires collaboration and communication throughout the enterprise. Balance, control, security, and flexibility are all integral to the success of digital workplace tools like Office 365, Slack, Confluence, all of which were designed to help disparate teams achieve peak performance.

SmarTek21 Productivity and Collaboration services offer design, migration, implementation, and support expertise to ensure these business-critical tools become and remain vital factors in the success of your business. Whether your teams are distributed, you’re adopting a new business model, or your industry demands complex security requirements, SmarTek21 can help your build a modern workplace that encourages productivity, engagement, and collaboration, and which ultimately results in competitive advantage for your business.

The way people can work in offices today is changing in front of our eyes, this opens up new possibilities for encouraging creativity and innovation as the days of office work focusing purely on processing paper are numbered.

Modernizing and Managing the Workplace

At its core, the idea behind the Modern Workplace is freedom from typical boundaries and lock-ins. It’s a way of working, a way of managing and a way of securing your work environment, whilst removing the walls that have often been associated with these requirements. We left behind a long time ago the theory that security is bound to a premises and expanded our user bases out to multiple office locations, pop up ventures and any other number of industry defined expansions. The modern workplace is a focus on how users can work from anywhere, on any device with both the consumer and the corporate body being ensured that productivity, security and capability is not degraded. In fact, most of these requirements are better met in a modern workplace than they are in the 4-wall lock-in.

The Modern Workplace comes with a sister concept, and that’s the one of Modern Management. It’s all good and well for us to focus on the consumer and how the new way of working can benefit them, but there is also the teams that are still required to enable, manage, adapt, innovate and support this user base. Modern management is the somewhat letting go of traditional hammer and stone style management techniques where you would manage every single aspect of the desktop or device and is more a shift towards configuration-based management. This has its limitations and is not necessarily a fit for all environments, however, it is becoming more and more common with the introduction of BYOD, CYOD and ad hoc policies within the enterprise. Modern Management is not something that has to be adhered too. You can still provide a Modern Workplace and provide the capability that we will outline below, whilst providing traditional management if that is what you require.

SmarTek21 Services

While the above sounds and is compelling, it takes expertise in design, migration, implementation, and support. Key among our services are:


  • SmarTek21 uses a proven five-step methodology to identify the path to continued success
  • Enable your infrastructure for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployments
  • We can support web and mobile implementations for better application adoption


  • Our experts use best practices and proven methodology, including knowledge transfer to your team
  • We will setup application performance monitoring
  • We can configure analytics and business intelligence (BI) dashboards


  • Rapid feature development and implementation with an average of 50 days using DevOps practices for feature enhancements
  • Expertly staffed hotline with 24×7 tier two support desk
  • Guaranteed SLAs for time to resolution

Enabling the Remote Workforce

The trend towards enabling workers to do their jobs from home has been on an upward trajectory for years. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced organisations to embrace remote and distributed workers, thus accelerating the trend. Even once the world gets back to normal, there is no denying that the “new normal” will include a much greater degree of  work-from-home flexibility. This trend does indeed come with many benefits, including:

  • Financial savings. Many cost savings come with managing a remote workforce, such as lower occupancy fees, utilities and office supplies. According to a Stanford study, a company can save about $2,000 per year per employee who works from home.
  • Increased productivity. Virtual collaboration tools allow remote employees to collaborate as if they’re in the same conference room. Employees can use forms of virtual communication in the workplace, such as video conferencing, as well as email, instant messages, and the telephone. Workers are more likely to work in excess of 40 hours a week if they’re working from home, and they also take fewer sick days. Employees working together across various time zones are more likely to achieve success if they’re able to collaborate from home. Business hours increase with more flexibility. Furthermore, business will continue as usual regardless of weather conditions that could limit productivity due to hazardous driving conditions.
  • Better recruitment opportunities. You can select from the top-qualified candidatesaround the globe for a position if you’re open to managing a remote workforce. Instead of limiting your recruiting opportunities to those who are willing to relocate and those able to make the daily commute, you can focus on hiring the best-qualified candidates without worrying about any geographic restrictions.
  • Higher retention rates. Remote workers report higher job satisfaction rates and a better work-life balance. Fewer employees who work from home quit, and they also tend to eat healthier and have lower stress levels.

SmarTek21 can help you put in place not only the tools but the processes needed to turn what some people might consider a necessary evil into a powerful benefit to your organisation.

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