Covid19 Vaccine journey

Our Intelligent Bot use Case.

Executive Summary

The global journey of getting vaccinated and monitoring the health, symptoms and sentiment of the public is underway in 2021. According to the CDC in early February, 33,878,254 doses of vaccine have been administered thus far. In addition, the rate of confidence from the public in vaccines have increased to 60% in December of 2020. Public health agencies and public sector administrators of the various Covid-19 vaccines need tools and real time communications with the citizens that have had vaccinations to be able to track the experience journey of citizens. This journey includes the experience of citizens in four key stages of the journey:

  1. Vaccine day 1 experience from the location administered
  2. Post Vaccine experience and symptoms. Navigating the symptoms and frequently asked questions
  3. Post doctor follow up of symptoms
  4. Continued Frequently asked questions from public

The SmarTek21 AI driven communication solution meets Public agency needs for communicating with and tracking key data insights associated with the post Covid-19 Vaccination journey.


SmarTek21 leverages it’s IntelliTek Platform to create a powerful, fully automated Conversational AI digital conversation with citizens regarding their vaccination experience. Connect with citizens with automated communications during this unprecedented vaccination time

The SmarTek21 solution provides an intuitive and easy to use digital agent that understands the public citizen and is aware of the end users sentiment and feelings as they interact with the digital agent. Real-time data is analyzed from hundreds of thousands of communications and dash board analytics provided for public health agencies to be able to better manage and respond to needed public citizen needs. Insights include:

  1. Heat map of vaccination locations and public citizen sentiment (positive to negative) regarding experience
  2. Symptom tracking by demographic and vaccination manufacturer and severity level
  3. Distribution of public frequent questions and satisfaction with answers and insights
  4. New insight data offered by citizens