COVID19 Back to Office

The Smart way.

Solution Summary

Re-opening work places post Covid19 and having corporate team members return back to office is a daunting challenge for Human resources and Operations personnel. Fortunately, SmarTek21 makes this process much easier and customizable for enterprises with our IntelliTek Platform and customizable back to office solution. The fully automated solution engages with Employees throughout the journey of returning back to office which includes:

  1. Before returning to office – “what are my company’s policies and guidelines?”
  2. Scheduling office time or simply returning to office – “how do I schedule if needed or coordinate with my team members?”
  3. Travel and flying policies and practices to be prepared – “what is required of me?”
  4. Post Covid19 vaccine FAQ’s – “Do my symptoms require I report or do anything at work? “I’ve been vaccinated but experiencing other symptoms, what do I do?”
  5. Tracking sentiment, concerns, adjustments – “should I be concerned or what If I notice breach of policies

Back to office is so diverse post Covid19 with up to 60% or more of employees spending a majority of their time working from home/remote but virtually all employees will have some office return interactions in the next 2-6 months. Ensuring your organization is prepared and employees have an effective communication tool to transition effectively to office environments is the result of the SmarTek21 solution.


Creating an effective communication solution for employees is all about being integrated into your existing employee support systems and workflows. That is the beauty of the SmarTek21 solution as it comes out of the box fast integration plug ins to your existing systems that employees use every day. This means a solution that is automated, effectively communicates with your employees and just makes sense as it is interacting with the data and systems they already use.

The IntelliTek platform is an omni channel digital agent platform that enables automated communications across any channel including; webchat, text, mobile app, social media, voice IVR, and many more. The platform also detects sentiment of the users as they interact to give a rich profile of the user experience and concerns so that you can respond with insight to help employees in their back to office experience.