IT Service Desk

Enabling the highest levels of call resolution and user

IT Service Desk

The SmartBotHub™ IT Help Desk Solution offers a robust and instantaneous virtual agent conversational experience that achieves first call resolution in most cases or provides a seamless hand-off to the live service desk if needed.

Business Drivers

  • Employees need IT issues resolved quickly to remain productive
  • IT help desks are struggling with achieving first call resolution goals for support calls
  • Trouble tickets are often misclassified by help desks which result in down-stream time to sort through the REAL ticket issues


  • A knowledge base template that can be pre-loaded with common trouble resolution items and continuously updated as needed
  • Virtual agent integration to multi-IM, text and web channels as needed to reach all your employees
  • Employee authentication
  • Trouble ticket system integration to enable tickets to be created and categorized correctly by Smart Help and filed in the ticket system. The employee gets their ticket number immediately and is notified once a resolution is reached
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