YP.Com/Dex Media Partners Digitize Engineering And Operations With SmarTek21

Update Enhances New Product Development Abilities, Enabling Expanded Product Ecosystem



Deploying a streamlined output-on-batch process that integrated disparate source systems into a single billing service further improving Service improvements, responsiveness and accuracy; this process has saved thousands of hours of manual review and re-work

50 %

Partnering With YP.Com’s IT Leadership To Jointly Craft An Execution And Service Model That Improved Performance, Quality, And Velocity Of Service Requests; Including Third Parties; Client Satisfaction Responses Increased By Over 50 Percent

40 %

Completing A Cost-Effective Migration, Integration, And Go-Live Program In Only 65 Days; The ST21 Engagement Was Successful In Shoring-Up Systems Performance, Virtually Eliminating Errors And Nullifying Performance Slowdowns; At A Significant Cost Savings Of Nearly 40 Percent From Previous Structures


Reduced The Overall Integration Timeline Into Dex Systems By Nearly 6 Months.


Dex Media’s YP.com had multiple, redundant billing systems interconnecting a large number of high-volume, multi-generational transaction data technologies. The subsequent Network was highly latent, suffering service outages and maintenance challenges. Enterprise Network performance and payment systems were undermining customer confidence. Dex’s largest YP.com customers often requested post-sales audits, revenue reconciliations, and re-billings.


SmarTek21 spearheaded an Enterprise-wide Systems Gap Analysis. Putting fresh eyes on existing processes, along with gathering Customer pain-points, the Analysis was an essential first step towards improving outcomes. Of critical importance was also incorporating existing approaches without necessarily reinventing the wheel. Multiple business functions from the YP.com Engineering and IT Operations teams needed broader priorities aligned and a solid execution plan.

ST21’s strength in collaborative consulting resulted in a unified management view with an upgraded SLA approach for service, removing potential conflict-of-interest of Network resource allocation when serving customer-partner businesses. Once clear strategic initiatives were identified, SmartTek21 architected, built, migrated and managed implementation of new service models. This model delivered improved velocity within YP.com’s dev cycles across a wide variety of functional areas. Ultimately, this leadership-driven, Managed Services approach enabled IT Business Leaders to gain back critical time with which to focus more on strategy and less on execution.


DexYP is a converged company consisting of Dex Media and YP Holdings, owners of YP.com. The join DexYP venture provides local business automation software and digital and print marketing solutions to more than 700,000 local business owners nationwide. The flagship product allows SMBs to automate internet business functions from online listing updates and managing ratings and reviews, to automating core business functions, such as generating estimates and invoices, processing payments, as well as issuing invoices and coupons.